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    Hoyang established in 1996 - a manufacturer that offers one stop solution to its customers from casting, CNC machining, stamping, passivation, surface treatments and assembly. 


    The factory is located at Nanhai, Foshan with an area of approximant 40,000 square meters. Total of 500 employees including 1/3 of senior engineers, product engineers, quality engineers and technicians in various of skills.


    The production line is built with automation, specialising in high precision mechanical products, automotive engine parts, new energy automotive parts, and other precision industrial products.


    Hoyang is qualified by IATF16949 which forms a complete quality assurance system. The production line is built with imported equipments, combination of robot arms, integrated with cloud EPR system, and strict quality inspection system.  All these allows Hoyang to become a leading manufacturer in the industry.


    Hoyang also invited experts from Taiwan Industrial Research Institute to provide consultation and R&D studies, and been actively developing world class customers from Japan, Europe, the United States in both OEM and ODM since 2003.


    Hoyang believes in "Quality first, responsible Always" and has won the trust from world-class customers with excellent product quality and reputation. 


    Reduce procurement costs and risks for customers; build sustainability on the basis of customer satisfaction. 
    A people-oriented spirit - deliver trust, appreciate their efforts and dedication, recognize their achievements and provide corresponding returns, and create a friendly working environment. 

    Foshan Hoyang Metal Technology Co., Ltd


    Address:No. 3 Keji East Road, Shishan Technology Industry Park A Region, Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong, China

    Email: sales@hoyangmt.com

    TEL: +86 757 - 8669 3666




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